Academic and Behavior Change - "Teaching Lifelong Skills"

What We Do

imgApplied Behavior Analysis

ABC brings 30 years of experience and training in evidence based strategies. The principles of Applied Behavior Analysis will help guide us to find manageable solutions to academic, social, and behavior problems. As your child learns new skills and experiences success their ability to participate and enjoy new opportunities will be enhanced.

Independent Educational and Behavior Evaluations

The foundation to high quality interventions is based on assessment data. Psychoeducational Assessments are provided to determine special education eligibility, academic support, and educational placement. Functional Behavioral Assessments can help address the needs of children with emotional disabilities, attention disorders, autism spectrum disorders and other learning disabilities. Educationally Related Mental Health Service assessments and recommendations can address the educational needs of students with disabilities due to depression, anxiety, trauma, and other significant mental health concerns.

Consultation and Training

ABC will provide guidance to parents with the challenges of accessing special education and transition services. Consultation is available for early intervention specialist, educators, residential care providers, and other related professional groups. Training programs are provided in the areas of behavior management, positive behavior supports, functional assessments, mental health programming and transition services.

About Us

  • Richard J Kleindienst, PhD
    Licensed Educational Psychologist
    Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Our Mission
    Our mission is to assist your child to develop the skills necessary to function effectively in all aspects of daily living. Our goal is that your child will experience success and satisfaction at home, school and the community.
  • Our Contacts:
    Academic and Behavior Change
    Riverside, CA 92506

    Contact: 951-660-8394
    Fax: 951-683-4618

    License and Certification:
    CA Board of Behavioral Science
    - LEP (#3036)

    Behavior Analyst Cert. Board ®
    - BCBA-D (#1-09-5285)